Be the Captain!

I am aiming for that house on the beach and this blog post is spot on. ❤

Red Shoe Life Transformation

“Be the Captain of your destiny, not a prisoner of your wishful thinking!”  What a great quote!  I wish I had thought of it! HA!  Truly, I love this quote.  How much time have I wasted wishing for things.  Oh,  I wished I was… taller, blonder, richer, thinner…. had more sheep, etc.  When my kids were babies, I honestly wished I had some little job where I could be around people and wear cool earrings.  Now that I have that job, I wish that I could spend more time with my kids!  Ridiculous!

Wishing for things is a lot like whining.  It is an expenditure of energy that could be used for something else.  If you are not happy with what you are doing…  change it.  Don’t waste another minute wishing something would happen.  Set your mind to it and make it happen.

For example, perhaps I was wishing that…

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