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Two Step, New Steps ~

Healing from a gunshot wound…

Bartlett Police Officer Leonard “Len” Yardley was less than thrilled to be on desk duty while his arm and shoulder heal from a gunshot wound he’d received a week ago. But that was the rule of the precinct and doctor’s orders. So, Len was stuck inside at a desk filling out paperwork. It hadn’t put the Air Force veteran into the best of moods.

Leanne Bobbin brings out Len’s protective instincts when she calls to report the bank she is working at is being robbed …

“Not myself,” he shook his head as he paced. “I need to be there. That’s my girl.”
“I know, and that’s damn hard.”

“It’s not my nature to stand down,” Len growled. “And sure as hell, not when it’s my woman in danger.”

“I’ll let you ride with me; with the understanding you’ll stay in the patrol car, until I give the okay. Understand?”

“Yes,” Len growled again. The only word he could get out through gritted teeth.

You first met Leanne, the third of the three Bobbins sisters, in Check Out, when a college stalker was after her. Now she has graduated college and is working at a local bank and in danger once again. But this time, her new boyfriend is former Air Force security officer Len Yardley, now a policeman in Bartlett, TN.

 Some fun fact trivia for you to enjoy:

 Check Out and Two Step, New Steps, are both set in Bartlett, TN, where author Debra Parmley has lived for over 21 years.

In Check Out, Leanne’s older sister, Betsy Bobbin, is a librarian at the Bartlett library. There are been several librarians at the real Bartlett library named Leanne. None of them resemble Leanne Bobbin.

Debra has gone dancing at the Electric Cowboy, where Betsy and Leanne run into some trouble. The Electric Cowboy has since closed and Debra is looking forward to checking out the new dance club in 2020.

One of Debra’s favorite restaurants in Memphis, TN, where Betsy and Nash go on their first date, Saigon Lee, burned down. Several of Debra’s readers visited Memphis and tried to go there for dinner, only to be surprised it was no longer there!

Debra is a graduate of the Bartlett Citizens Police Academy, a wonderful program.

Two Step, New Steps is the first police hero Debra has written.

Now, for more fun…

Answer my riddle in the comments below.

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Contest ends Jan. 31, 2020 at midnight PST

What is something that you always have with you but you always leave behind?

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