About Threading the Web

Threading the Web, this is what I do daily, whether it is with my own writing or as a writing coach, teaching creative writing classes in the Memphis, TN area.

This is how it always begins. I pick up one thread and begin to weave.

The Writing Web is the name I gave to the system of creation I use to write. It is a system I came up with for myself, pulling from this training and that to create a system that worked for me when the other training did not.

Sometimes we have to find our own way and when we do, we can then share that way, that path with others. Writing and teaching are two of the joys in my life. I teach the way I write and my students learn by writing.

Here on the Threading the Web blog, you may find any number of threads. Follow them wherever they might lead you.

“Your imagination knows what it is doing. Trust it.” – Debra Parmley

Love and light,




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