12 Days of Creepy Elf Party

Have you ever thought there was something creepy about the elf on a shelf watching you?

I have.

These thoughts are what led me to the book idea for To Catch an Elf

and to hosting my first 12 Days of Creepy Elf Party on Facebook four years ago.

We’re in the middle of the elf party this year and its filling up as it always does with silly fun.

Here is the storyline for the party.

First the party begins to populate with party goers and elves and we start to meet them. Then the elves start being a little bit naughty. All seems well.

Oh, but then, they get into the sugar. (Now that is never a good thing because sugar is like crack to these naughty elves. They can’t stay out of it once they start!) As a result their behavior is even more naughty.

They begin to pick on the dogs! The dogs are patient for a while but then they start to fight back – and soon we have an elf and dog war.

Finally the G.I. Joes, little green army men and police arrive to join the fight and restore order.

All is well until the next year, when the trouble starts up again!

Last year, in 2018, here is what happened with the elves at my house:

Before we left for a Caribbean cruise in November, the elves were well behaved and waiting for the elf party to start. I’d been keeping an eye on them and they had not been into any sugar. Here is what my office looked like when I left:


But then I was gone for two weeks and they got into my champagne scented candle and threw a party! I came home and it was pandemonium everywhere.


I was so glad to ship them off to my sister who is my PA. She is the one who sends out the prizes. I thought all would be well. But then, elf #1, got into a fight in the shipping box, over candy, and arrived broken. My sister patched him up and he lives at her house now. His name is Charmy McJingles, but don’t let his charm fool you. He is quite the instigator.


That’s Charmy McJingles, right in the middle of everything, the little instigator.

Here he is, patched up and living at my sister’s house.


This year I thought I would be elf free, but while I was on a Caribbean cruise in October, a little elf snuck into my luggage and stowed away home with me. His name is Twinkle McShimmy and I am doing my best to keep an eye on him and keep him away from the sugar. Wish me luck!

He has already tried to sneak off with my newest book, A Triple C Ranch Christmas Wedding, which came out Dec. 3rd, 2019.



Would you trust this face? I do not believe him when he says, “Who me? I wasn’t doing anything!”


Twinkles McShimmy, I am keeping my eye on you! And on my new Kindle and my newest book!

Readers, if you’d like to join in the party which runs from December the 3rd to December the 14th, here is the link.12 Days of Creepy Elf Party 2019

You must be a member of my groupĀ Debra’s 12 Days of Creepy Elf Facebook Group to join the private party orĀ  Debra’s Beautiful Daydreamers Group

We have games, prizes, guest authors, and elf shenanigans.

To Catch an Elf, will be out December 22nd and is up for pre-order now

Pre-order To Catch an Elf now!

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