Friday Poem – Trust


Last night the deer were in my yard again.

Seven of them, pausing to look up

as I moved out onto the deck

with a quiet step, a slow smile.

They watched, still,¬†before leaning down to eat again –

And this is what I know of trust –

It comes ever so slow, nearer

until what lies behind our eyes

may meet in the dusky air of evening

as cars race down the road behind us

and sirens ring in the distance.

These moments shared, noted

by no other souls than our own

linger in the air like the chime

which rings once, before

it is silent.

And though we turn back

to what we were doing

the connection holds

like an invisible thread

strong as a spider’s web

and just as easily missed by others.

But oh, how it may catch the light

To shimmer beneath the silvered moon

in the dark of night.

– by Debra Parmley
published in Twilight Dips


Wednesday Poem – Drought


The garden is crying out for rain,
my flowers drooping in the summer sun,
distressed and needing tenderness and care.
When I am in distress, I find
you quietly listening
as you read between the lines
in a way which no one else can do
and this often takes me by surprise.
It is your way, my dear,
to comfort with a tender word
which soaks into my soul.
I water the garden with the hose
and watch those droplets of water
soak down in
to disappear from sight
and it is in this moment that I know
what nurturing is.


Published in the poetry anthology Twilight Dips

Friday Poem – Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon


The wind was blowing


Fine particles of sand

We were covered in it.

Dust of the ages

From layers way down

Gritty and soft.

The sun was shining


Casting shadows of light

Over all of us.

Sun of the ages

Illumination of all things

Comfort and discomfort

I had forgotten that I depend

On you for life.

The canyon was layered

Color upon color

Shades of red and orange.

Layers of the ages

Story of the earth

Birth and death

Contained within these lines

Indians came here.

The Great Spirit

Would speak to them

Spirit of the ages

Creator of all

Containing us

I had forgotten until

I came here

To be reminded.


– Debra Parmley

Published in the poetry anthology Twilight Dips