Wednesday Poem – Drought


The garden is crying out for rain,
my flowers drooping in the summer sun,
distressed and needing tenderness and care.
When I am in distress, I find
you quietly listening
as you read between the lines
in a way which no one else can do
and this often takes me by surprise.
It is your way, my dear,
to comfort with a tender word
which soaks into my soul.
I water the garden with the hose
and watch those droplets of water
soak down in
to disappear from sight
and it is in this moment that I know
what nurturing is.


Published in the poetry anthology Twilight Dips


Wednesday Poem – After My Father Visits

After My Father Visits


After my father visits

he leaves behind

the scent of his cologne

which lingers on the towels

of the guest bath

where his false teeth rested

with his travel pill case counting out

the days he can’t remember.

The scent lingers in the guest bedroom

where he sleeps under the quilt

his mother made, which holds

pieces of his old pajamas,

blue teddy bears

which I sometimes run my fingers across

with a smile.


– Debra Parmley

Published in the poetry anthology Twilight Dips